So Tekken X Street Fighter is Dead?

At Evo 2014 world fighting game championship: Katsuhiro Harada -director of the Tekken Series– unveiled the latest project being undertaken by him and his team and that is TEKKEN 7!!! A reveal trailer was shown at the event and during it about half through: texts that reads “The Final Battle” appears on screen. Now I have serious doubts this will be the last Tekken game what with games like Tekken Tag Tournament, but this may by the last title in the main Tekken series. Im a huge tekken fan and can’t wait for this, but it does beg the question, what happened to Tekken X Street Fighter? Little is know about TXSF or the upcoming Tekken 7, but as more information surfaces on either project we will be sure to get the news straight to you!

Here’s the reveal trailer straight from the Bandai Namco Youtube page.


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