Valve Shows off the Steam Box… All of them.



Valve’s plan to enter the living room is coming to fruition. Early this year they announced the Steam controller, which would be compatible with many pc games and comfortable while using Steam OS. Now that plan has taken yet another step with the unveiling of the Steam Box… and all 13 companies that are making them. Now I could go in detail, but i’ll just show this handy chart, which goes over some base specs.



I personally think that having all this variety is ultimately going to be the death of a few of these boxes. Especially because as far as i know the price range is between $500-$6000 and price seemed to be major factor in the most recent console war (PS4 vs Xbone), but Whether or not these boxes fail or succeed doesn’t really hurt valve either because they’re not making them. What I wanted was 2-3 boxes of varying strengths and prices made from 1 company or a few companies getting together with simple labeling between the console and the games that way the consumer would know what they could and could not play their particular Steam Box Model. Also upgradeable components would be fantastic. Valve just wants to put Steam in as many houses as possible, but it seems in an attempt to make PC gaming less complicated they managed to keep it the way it was.


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