Walking Dead Comic Series 1 Michonne

Michonne is part of McFarlane Toys The Walking Dead Comic Series 1. Series 1 also included Officer Rick Grimes, Zombie LurkerZombie Roamer. Didn’t think i’d pick up Michonne but figured i’d might as well review all of Series 1.


Like the other figures in series 1, the packaging has awesome zombie art by Charlie Adlard. The wide package shows off Michonne and her many accessories. This is definitely a displayable piece for MOC collectors, and if you’ve read my other Walking Dead reviews you might not want to remove any of them from the package.



Another highly detailed sculpt. Plenty of attention to detail with Michonne’s belt, jacket, bots, skirt and even her socks. Better face sculpt than Rick’s. The legs are pre-posed but not in as ridiculous of a manner as Rick’s.



Decent enough paint job. Bright colors on her shirt and skirt but muted enough to believe she’s part of the zombie apocalypse. I love the fact that the socks are the right colors (one blue/one green). A huge downside is they painted her eyes on the side so she’s constantly looking to the right. Sound familiar? Rick’s got crazy looking behind him eyes too.



And it continues to roll down hill. 21 points of articulation on this action figure (statue). She can barely stand no matter how you pose her legs. Why bother to have all these joints if half of them don’t work or help pose the figure? One of her elbows barely even moves. Thanks Todd McFarlane!



I have to say the accessories are AWESOME. You get Michonne’s trademark Katana (which was expected) and you get four very unexpected weapons. You might be wondering, why does Michonne come with a drill, hammer, plies & a spoon? Well these are all the tools (blowtorch not included) to torture the Governor. Yep, that’s the spoon that popped out his eye.


Comic Book Accuracy

Give her a yellow scarf and you’d have a 100% accurate Michonne from her first appearance in The Walking Dead #19. Hair, jacket, shirt, belt, gloves, pants, boots, skirt, etc. all perfect. I mean come on, green sock and blue sock. For all my complaints, at least the figure is accurate.



Unless someone gives me these for free or future figures get some major changes, this wil be my last Todd McFarlane Toys The Walking Dead review. Given the size and lack of pose-ability/articulation, they are NOT worth $19.99 and are still questionable at $14.99. I’ve already dumped these figures on eBay, if I pick ’em up again in the future i’ll keep ’em carded (which is very rare for me).


Picked this one up at Toys ”R” US. The Walking Dead figures can also be found at Barnes & Noble and of course your LCS.


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