We Be Geeks 209: Like Crazy Train, Off The Rails

This week on We Be Geeks: The gang is all together again, and they have a lot to share. The PS4 is finally getting an update which has been a long time coming. Is this in answers to the Nintendo Switch? Could be, but no matter the reason it’s awesome.

Another Indiana Jones movie is in the works. With this combination actor, director this is something to look forward to. New images from Thor Ragnarok have surfaced and they are so beautiful. If you want to see them, pick up Entertainment Weekly and see what we are talking about.

We also check out 24 hidden details we may have missed in the Captain America Movies. While some of these may be a far reach, these are all good fun to talk about. Also The Human Project has reached its goal on Kickstarter. Congrats to Chelsea Alden and David Beatty! We wish you all the good things. We can’t wait to have you back on to talk about it, whenever you can.

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