A Comic Show 8.08.2012 The Second coming of Jesus and Peter (Parker)!



Hey Fandom! This week we talk about Snyder and Cloonan on Batman #12, co-written by James IV who’s the main man of DC’s 3rd wave (Talon).
Archer & Armstrong #1 is the classic odd couple comic. Jaded-alcoholic-millenarian seeks idealistic-straightedge-teenager for hijinks! Punk Rock Jesus #2 isn’t just another sacrilegious comic skewering our faith in God, it also pokes a fork in our celebrity obsessed while self-absorbed consumer culture to piss off you atheists too! Highly recommended for everyone who doesn’t have a stick in their ass. The second coming of Peter is fulfilled in Spider-men #4. Just as Jesus presented himself to two women after his resurrection, Peter gives May and Gwen a visit. (I won’t spoil who plays doubting Thomas).
In sexy comics we’ve got It-Girl (of Madman and the Atomics) for guys and college lesbians, and Gambit for ladies and guys who kiss each other a Chik-Fil-A.
Comics are for everyone!


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