Hello Greedo Makes 100 Subscribers



Who knew Greedo lives in Florida ?


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Pop culture happenings in and around Florida.

One Comment on "Hello Greedo Makes 100 Subscribers"

  1. Jango_Juice April 20, 2013 at 7:10 am - Reply

    Hello, Greedo……if Star Wars Fans REALLY want the original films on blu ray, they need to ban together and be willing to boycott the new films. The only language Giant studios understand is MONEY….Join the rebellion, show the studios Star Wars fans are not just going to mindlessly buy whatever StarWars puke they throw up out there….we made Lucas what he was, with our hard earned money…..Make DISNEY release originals on blu ray, no changes, or star wars fans boycott new movies…..That’s GREEDO style, demand what the hell you want at laser gun point….except this time ……….shoot first, and don’t miss your target 2 feet away…….Right between those big ass annoying mouse ears!!!!!

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