Scribblers’ Rest: The World of Aetaltis, Episodes 2-4

The Scribblers’ Rest continues their playtest of this new Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition setting with these new episodes: You’re Not Bluffin’, Dare We Face Fluffy?, Together We Rust.

The Scribblers’ are delighted to be joined by the famous fantasy novelist Richard Lee Byers! As well as the man who designed and crafted the legendary item of a DM screen that you see on the table, Tyler Weslowski of Critical Role Innovations.

The other two players are the Scribblers’ regulars William Tucker, the author of the recent “Slaughter at Splinterfang Gorge” from Total Party Kill Games, and novelist Brian Downes. Novelist Larry Heydorn is the Dungeon Master.

These episodes were recorded at Gods & Monsters, on International Drive in Orlando, Florida.


Brian Downes
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Brian Downes is a writer who lives in Orlando, Florida. His novel, The Berlin Fraternity, about a man who hunts vampires for the Third Reich, is available on the Kindle and through He enjoys pen and paper roleplaying games and geek culture. He clearly remembers waiting for The Empire Strikes Back to hit theaters, and vindicate his opinion that of course Vader was not Luke's father. You can't trust Vader's word!

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