Who Comes Up With These Comic Books?


I grew up on comic books, I love comic books. I have always felt that comic books were to take us to a place outside of our real world, so I have never understood why publishers would bother to put out comic books based on celebrities, political candidates and even lame sports “stars”. I mean, if you watch the news, or are able to get on to the internet you’re able to see all the stupid crap that these people do in daily life. Who needs it in print, or for that matter in digital? Obviously the comic books pictured below are not the first, mainly just an example of what I’m walking about. If you want to delve further in to junk like this, I’m sure you can find more of this stuff, when I was younger I remember seeing Personality Comics on the walls of my local comic shop. I’m sure that now a days you can find these in the back issues of your LCS.

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Scott grew up in Miami, Florida interviewing punk, metal and hardcore bands, reading comic books, playing with Star Wars action figures, Shogun Warriors, and MEGO dolls. Scott's work has appeared in Flipside Magazine, Scrape Magazine, Zaphod Fanzine, El 'Zine De Eugene, Rational Enquirer, Maximum Rock and Roll, Rated Rookie Magazine, POPSmear Magazine, Crying Clown Fanzine, Slug & Lettuce, ThoraZine, Fact Sheet 5, 'Zine Guide, O/Z Magazine, Asian Trash Cinema, Asian Cult Cinema, Euro-Trash Cinema and more. He has two culinary degrees and attended art school for a Visual Arts degree with a minor in Music Journalism. Scott was the owner of Action Games & Comics in Clermont Florida from January 1999 til it's demise in December 2011. Scott can sometimes be seen flying across Florida at supersonic speeds, you just need a good eye to catch him.. :-)

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  1. slothonaut October 30, 2012 at 3:09 pm - Reply

    Just plain dumb, but everybody needs work even if it’s writing or doing the art for bad comic books.

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