Who’s In Your Supergroup?

As a fan of comic books, and superheroes a lot of the time what goes on in my head is about what heroes or villains would fit together and make up a supergroup. In over seventy five years of comic books we have seen probably millions of supergroups and characters come and go. I say millions because some publishers have characters and groups that have appeared maybe once or twice and then were just shoved away into a filing cabinet somewhere never to be heard from again.

Although every so often a writer, artist or maybe an editor who was a fan of some of these characters has an idea to bring them back and make them much cooler and appealing to new generations of comic book fans, and this has worked on several occasions.

The thing is I just really, really love comic books and all the work that goes in to creating them. At almost all times I am surrounded by something comic book oriented. In some way comic books or their characters are on my mind, and at times I like to think about how certain characters would work together to make up a team of heroes, villains, or a team-up of both. So I guess what I am asking is if you were able to put together your own comic book supergroup and it was gonna be published for all the fans to see, what characters would you choose and why?

Here are the rules of building your supergroup.

1. You can choose characters from any mainstream publisher.
2. Your team must have up to ten characters, good or bad.
3. If your feeling overly imaginative feel free to create a supergroup of alternate heroes, also up to ten characters.
4. Tell us why you chose the characters that you did for your team(s).
5. Describe how they would work together. For example who is the captain, the co-captain, brute force, strategist, etc..
6. Have fun and let us know about your supergroup in the Florida Geek Scene comments section.

Below is my supergroup.

1. Charlie 27 – Captain
Why: Superhuman strength, Invulnerability, super thick skin and bones, 11 times stronger than a human. A soldier, and military strategist able to use most any weapon and pilot any vehicle.

2. The Shroud – Co-Captain
Why: One of the only Marvel Comics characters to almost assassinate Dr. Doom, Master of Darkness, able to make anything out of the dark at will, almost like using a Green Lantern ring. The Shroud is blind, but has the ability to see through any obstacle while shrouded in darkness.

3. Hulk – Brute Force
Why: Hulk is the strongest! He smashes anything in his way and just wants to get the job done, go home and be left alone. Over class 100 super strength, durable, super thick skin and bone, stamina, and he is a genius, when in Bruce Banner form, and maybe even sometimes as the Hulk.

4. Yellowjacket – Science engineer
Why: He’s Hank Pym, the next best thing to having Reed Richards on your team. Another super brain who works at the molecular level. As Yellowjacket, he can shrink, grow, and has a small arsenal of bio-engineered weaponry.

5. The Vision – Spec-Ops
Why: The Vision can get in and out of anywhere. He has the ability to phase his body through almost anything. He can also control density and mass, has the ability of flight, regeneration, solar projection, super human strength, agility, intelligence and telepathy. The Vision is an android and does not need to breath, eat or sleep.

6. ROM The Space Knight – Translator
Why: ROM is the last of the Galadorian race. His armor is grafted on to his flesh, and contains an arsenal of Galadorian technology which controls weapons and computers which are tapped in to his DNA so nobody else can use them. ROM is able to translate any language in the known Marvel Comics Universe via a space translator. ROM has no need to eat of breath because he is encased in Galadorian armor which keeps him alive. This armor is also self repairing and strong enough to defend against most harmful attacks, big or small.

7. The Gargoyle – Healer
Why: The Gargoyle is immortal. He has no need to eat, breath or sleep. He emits a bio-mystic blast which sucks the soul out of his enemies and enables him to heal himself and allies at will. He is undetectable, and always protected by a bio-mystic shield which fends off attacks from the bad guys. He can also shape shift, be used at a medium for sorcerers and commands an army of gargoyles.

8. Machine Man – Counter Terrorist
Why: Machine Man was built for war. He is the 51st in a line of robotic soldiers made to take the place of human soldiers. His AI let’s him act and feel as humans do, and live among the humans. He is a full on military arsenal of weapons, prepared for any climate, and any terrain. He does, not eat, sleep or breath and is always ready for battle.

9. Son of Satan – Investigator
Why: Son of Satan is a ruler of Hell and an occult investigator. He controls an army of demons. He can perform any feats of magic with nothing to be learned. He can time travel and is the sole controller of the soulfire which he uses to engulf himself and others in battle. He has super human strength when using the darksoul, which is within him, and has a trident which is used to amplify all his powers.

10. Man-Thing – Transportation
Why: Man-Thing has plant control, meaning that he can tap in to plant life anywhere in the known Marvel Comics Universe. He has super strength, and is virtually immortal as his body reconstructs and rebuilds after a battle. He has empathic senses and can decipher and receive information about anyone near him. He secretes a corrosive acid which burns at the touch and can also reverse it with a counter antidote. He mentally speaks every language in the known Marvel Comics Universe and can use the Nexus of all Realities to teleport himself and others at will. He has no need to breath, eat or sleep.

If you guys like this and want to match supergroups, I’ll do my “alternate” supergroup next.

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