Wookiee Radio 16: Rebels And Rivals

The show starts off on a strange, yet humorous tangent as we slip into a classic Marvel verses DC debate. Once we get things back on track, we move on to our Rebels recap, where we discuss the last three episodes of the show. After the recap, we discuss the announcement that Rebels will be returning for a fourth season.

Next, we discuss the news that Lucasfilm has trademarked a new title, Star Wars: Rivals, and what that might mean for future projects. We then move on to discuss the Blue Ray and digital release dates of Rogue one, as well as the features that will be found on the various store exclusive sets. This then leads to the official announcement that the original version of Star Wars will not be coming out on Blue Ray as several rumors have been stating.

Next, we move on to other topics as we discuss the comment made by J. J. Abrams that Mark Hamill should win an Oscar for his portrayal of Luke Skywalker in Episode 8. After that, we talk about Battlefront 2 coming out later this year, as well as other future Star Wars games, and then get into a discussion about how the Episode 7 Rey toys helped to change the way the toy industry viewed female characters.

After that, we discuss the Star Wars secondary comic characters that have changed the galaxy, and then finish off the show with previews of the comics and books coming out in the next couple of weeks.

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