Zombie Movie “The Dead (2010)” Review

So where do you go for all the latest and greatest news in the zombie world? I say, where in this little blue and green orb do you find yourself asking for all the latest up to date info on anything and everything zombie? You don’t know? That’s probably for the best because the movie I want to review is on the ass end of two years old. It does appear to be indie in nature (I didn’t check) which might explain why it didn’t register on my North American radar until now.

Striking right to the point though, The Dead is a refreshing step away from the cookie cutter zombie movies we’ve all grown so accustomed to. Truthfully this is why I’m more of a literature zombie fan than a movie one, writers will go into weird places only because they don’t want to appear to be doing the same thing as everyone else, directors of zombie gore fests seem to have the exact opposite idea regarding their craft.

This movie starts out with an un-named character towards the end of his journey, then goes back to explain exactly what the holy fucking explodable hamsters is going on. It was a classy endeavor , hitting the right points of fear of the walking dead, and the stark reality of needing things like food, water, and shelter. This had a true survivor story vibe to it, which made it a lot of fun to watch, you find yourself wondering if the main character will be able to survive the various perils presented.

Okay enough blowjob banter, what was wrong with the movie you say? Well for the most part the flick was a buddy film, that while lending to an overall purpose for various plot continuing issues, was tiresome at times due to over acting. I mean we can give credit where credits due, it wasn’t “Clerks” bad acting, but there were times when I felt like if I were in the serious situation portrayed and had someone act or say what was being shown, that I might honestly crack up, only to resolve myself in time to brain the next zombie over the ridge.

All in all this is Romero caliber zed. We got the slow walkers, the human element, and the end that makes you wonder why everyone didn’t just eat a bullet.Oh and by Romero I mean the stuff we respect him for, not garbage like “Survival of the Dead”, seriously Georgie, were you that hard up for money?

Alright so go watch the movie, it’s worth your time, in fact I’d wager a bet that it will be closer to Max Brook’s World War Z, than Brad Pitt’s World War Z, so it’s worth your hard earned dough, or your patience as you wait for it to arrive on Netflix.
Check out the trailer at: http://youtu.be/ANpgVWVvpjs

One final note as we come to an end, if you have a taste for the obscure and hilarious, I can’t recommend “The Whitest Kids U’ Know” enough. It’s not zombie, and I know it’s besides the point, but holy shit is it funny, first couple of seasons are on Netflix too, so enjoy the gafaws on demand.

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